Atari Flashback 2: Complete Review and Breakdown

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For years innumerable, my favorite hobby has been trolling Craigslist in search of awesome retrogaming gear on the cheap! After weeks of searching with nothing impressing me much, I found an ad for an Atari Flashback 2 at a mere $20, complete in box!

(If meeting potentially dangerous strangers in dark, unfamiliar places is not your bag, you can always pick up the Atari Flashback 2 from Amazon!) Continue reading

Twitter-PAINTED: First Look – Uncanny Valley

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Recently, I had picked up the totally amazing GameMaker Humble Rebundle, opting to drop the $15 necessary to secure not only a GameMaker Studio Professional license and at least four additional components, but also a smattering of amazing indie games. Sure, GameMaker-borne titles INK and Home were amazing in their own right, but another in particular caught my eye right away: Uncanny Valley!

What is Uncanny Valley?

Not for the squeamish.

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AAA Companies: Be Afraid, Very Afraid

(Originally published on GameSkinny approx. 2 years ago. I’m taking my shit back. Enjoy!)

Indies are taking over the industry! Why? AAA developers are burnt out, investors are assholes, and gamers are getting sick of it!

But why is that exactly, you may ask? Easy! A large number of gamers are getting tired of the same, old iterations over and over again, year after year. Even if some of them don’t vocalize their concerns, a general call for the return of innovation has begun. Continue reading

Declaration of War: DLC Must Die

(This article originally ran on ScrewAttack approximately 2 years ago, and somehow, is still way relevant. Enjoy!)

Alright, folks! With a title like that, you must already have some sort of clue that I’ve become fed up with with the seemingly customer-hating, money-grubbing business model known as downloadable content.

For those who aren’t aware of what downloadable content even is, it’s the little “extras” that are meant to enhance the gamer’s experience.  But have greedy developers and publishers gone too far? Have we lost sight of what organically makes a game profitable? Let’s find out! Continue reading

Played Violent Video Games, Still Not a Serial Killer

(Originally published on ScrewAttack approximately two years ago. Enjoy!)

Ahh, the mid-to-late 90’s.  This was a great era to be a gamer, as the console wars were in full effect and developers continued to push the limits of accepted convention.  This meant beefier graphics, soul-shredding soundtracks, and….blood, lots of BLOOD!  Arcade titles have already been experimenting with these new risque formulas earlier in the decade, with titles such as Mortal Kombat and Time Killers.  So by consequence, it was only a question of time before home consoles would become the new host of pixelated brutality! Continue reading

Social Friends Wrestling Federation #3: The Road to the Title


After the major turnarounds and janky shenanigans as seen in SFWF #2, only one conclusion could be drawn: the road to the championships is going to be a bloody, broken one.

Tonight’s eye-popping matchups include: Continue reading

New Infographic: Castlevania – The Fight Against Count Dracula

From the good folks at JeuxVideo, I present to you, a totally amazing Castlevania infographic! Click the image to view it at full size with a description by Yours Truly! Send me an email if you think you have one that you’d like featured on this site. Thanks for stopping by, and Lumpz the Clown OUT!

Castlevania: The Fight Against Count Dracula Continue reading