How Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Predicted the Future

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Autosaves, long-grinding sessions, mind-numbing statistics, OH MY! Guess who decided to hell with that in the name of children, whilst also keeping the average overworked adult gamer in mind years later? SQUARE DID!

This video delves into my logic as to how the widely panned Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest predicted the future for us all! Kick back and relax, hit Play, and Lumpz the Clown OUT!




Review a Great Game Day: Fez

In the spirit of Review a Great Game Day, I challenge you, the reader, to put aside any prejudices that you may have towards the developer of the game I’m about to present.  Sadly, I’ve noticed that we, as gamers, have put entirely too much energy into dishing hate and vitriol towards Phil Fish, to the point where it has overshadowed his game’s excellence.  What is this jaded piece of awesomeness that I speak of?  Fez, of course!


Because let’s face it, Fez is a beautiful game, released at the perfect time. Continue reading