Unpopular Gaming Opinions

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How Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Predicted the Future

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Autosaves, long-grinding sessions, mind-numbing statistics, OH MY! Guess who decided to hell with that in the name of children, whilst also keeping the average overworked adult gamer in mind years later? SQUARE DID!

This video delves into my logic as to how the widely panned Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest predicted the future for us all! Kick back and relax, hit Play, and Lumpz the Clown OUT!




Comparison of Final Fantasy VI Advance to Final Fantasy III (VI)


When you have a relative that works in a pawn shop, it works out in your favor! Once in awhile my brother and I would be gifted with video games that some perceive to have no value.  Among one of those received piles of greatness was a game with a purple logo and a cutesy-pie white creature on the front.  The name of that game was Final Fantasy III.

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