Final Fantasy VI Myers-Briggs Personality Types

I’m a huge fan of Final Fantasy VI, or Final Fantasy III as it was known here in the States! Everything from its epic combat system to its very relatable characters make for a truly enjoyable experience that seamlessly embodies every element that makes Final Fantasy one of the most iconic franchises in video game history.

For those who found themselves swept up in the story, the interactions between and reactions with the world around them are what made the characters so enjoyable. But how do these individuals stack up in the Myers-Briggs personality test? Look below! The answers may surprise you!


Provided courtesy of Delta Attack

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2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VI Myers-Briggs Personality Types

  1. My wife is REALLY into this test. I constantly get completely different results every time I take it, so I’m not really sure that I fit into any of these types very well. I’m interested to see how Edgar ended up with so much introversion? He’s constantly hitting on women, so I’d figured he’d be an E.

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