Twitter-PAINTED: First Look – Xeodrifter


(Note: The point of Twitter-PAINTED is to offer a spoiler-free review of an epic, new (to me) game after an hour of play. You get a small sampling here, and I encourage you to check it out for yourself!)

Well, folks, it happened again: I was completely blown away by yet another indie gem! Xeodrifter , by Renegade Kid, is a title I picked up on Steam while on vacation to the Oregon Coast this last Memorial Day weekend! However, I didn’t get the chance to play it until I got back home!

After settling back into my loose interpretation of a “routine”, I plugged in my XBox 360 controller and spent a good hour with Xeodrifter. From what I understood from the game’s description, I was going to be in for some planetary exploration to find the parts necessary to fix the character’s damaged engine.

Little did I realize that what I was getting into was a healthy dose of gaming awesomeness that hearkens back to great titles like Super Metroid, Blaster Master and Mega Man!  Continue reading

Twitter-PAINTED: First Look – Volgarr the Viking


Blown Away…

I know what your thinking! Nice Bambi reference, right? To tell you the truth, this seemingly out-of-place adjective is the most precise way to describe the feeling I get when I come across a TRULY AWESOME game out of nowhere! What I classify as “truly awesome” may not be the same as others, but it all comes down to one simple idea that I feel we can all relate to: does it invoke a strong emotion? Continue reading