Clowny News 1/26/17


Hello, 2017!

Hey hey, folks! Lumpz the Clown here, and I’m SO glad that 2016 is over! Despite the absolute personal shitshow that represented that 365 day block, I emerged out the other side none the worse for wear, and if you’re reading this, I assume you did, too!

I’ve said over and over again on Twitter that 2017 is the Year of the Clown, and I aim to not disappoint. So what’s in store here at Lumpz the Clown Entertainment? Let’s start with…

Vidme Migration

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Clowny News 10/14/16



Not Dead Yet…

Hey hey, folks! Lumpz the Clown here, and it’s been a hot minute since I’ve updated you illustrious folks with an update from the painted gamer¬†himself! Bear in mind that this wasn’t on purpose as I attended to multiple IRL issues, but that doesn’t mean that I drifted off quietly into that good night! NEVER!

However, for those who have been following my antics on Twitter, you’d know that I’ve been quietly working in the background and crashing random streams for the last couple of months. In other words, paying homage to the hard work of my fellow gamers (you know who you are!) and deciding what direction Lumpz the Clown Entertainment will take next!

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Clowny News 2/15/16


Happy 2016!

Greetings, folks, and Happy 2016! Lumpz the Clown here, and if you’re thinking that it’s been about a month and a half since my last entry, you’d be correct! “But, Lumpz? You said you wouldn’t neglect Clowny News anymore?” Yeah, yeah…in order for me to report news, I need to have news to report. Yeah, it’s a vicious cycle! ūüėČ

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Clowny News 12/31/15


Wrapping up 2015

Heya, folks! Lumpz the Clown here, and I’d be lying if I said that 2015 was a dull year! There’s been some shuffling, shifting, victories, defeats and outright fuckery at times, both online and in real life. But hey, that shit happens and at the end of the day, Lumpz the Clown Entertainment is¬†STILL GOING STRONG, and it’s all thanks to you folks!

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Clowny News 10/24/15

Oct2015HeaderWhat’s Next?!

Hey hey, folks! Lumpz the Clown here, and I’m ready to deliver more devastating video game-centric news for that ass! To put it into the most basic terms possible, there’s gonna be a¬†LOT¬†of shit that’s gonna happen in just a short amount of time! So without any further ado, let’s get started! Continue reading

Clowny News 9/29/15


Where’d You Go?


Heya, folks! Lumpz the Clown here, and damn if time didn’t fly! I looked around and realized that I haven’t updated you good folks in damn near¬†TWO MONTHS! :-/ That doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy! Aside from getting my own home situation back in order, I’ve been working my ass off, mostly behind the scenes, and even got back into writing articles! ¬†So where do I begin… Continue reading

Clowny News 8/9/15

Heya, folks! Lumpz the Clown here, and seeing how it’s been about a month since I’ve dropped some knowledge on you, I figure it’s about time! Needless to say, a lot of exciting shit it going down and I can’t WAIT to unleash it upon all of you! So what’s¬†happening, exactly? Read on and find out! Continue reading