E3 2015 and Beyond: Stop Gamer Entitlement, Play Nice


(Author’s note: Alright, I’ve decided that enough is enough. There is entirely too much poison that gets spewed around by the vocal minority in the gaming community after every single E3 event! I totally get that we would all like to hear a console or game announcement that will absolutely knock our socks off, and some of us even think that we have the answers that will turn a seemingly “defunct” video game company around!

However, when we begin to bemoan and even chastise our fellow gamers because what they’re excited about isn’t in agreement with us, that is when the line is crossed! We need to learn to respect each other’s opinions, and put our passion for gaming in the RIGHT place!

Below, I’ve included the opening snippet and link to my full article over on ScrewAttack with the aim of reminding us of that childhood wonderment we all experienced when getting a new game, and NOT walking around like a bunch of entitled, whiny bitches who scream and hurt others when they don’t get their way.  Sounds a lot like a bratty kid, huh?

Time to look at ourselves, folks, and call the trolls out for what they are….TROLLS!)


Every year it’s the same thing; E3 comes and goes, but the poison remains for weeks afterwards. Some feel that video game companies should release only what THEY want.

Instead of remaining hopeful that their dreams may be realized sooner than they think, these angry individuals take to the internet, cry about it, and BASH ANYONE who disagrees with them!

Those days are over…

Read the full article over at ScrewAttack!

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