Batman – Fists of Fury Challenge

Buy Batman for the NES!

This was a BLAST! The original challenge was put forth by Emmitt over at Rom with a View, and I was personally called out by BenevolentDickNes to give this one a try! The challenge goes like this:

1) You cannot use ANY other weapon besides Batman’s fists.

2) Continues are NOT allowed.

3) Get as far as you can using only 3 lives.

4) Turbo buttons and emulation are acceptable.

I have called out four other members of the community to give this challenge a try. Their names: JRock the GameRocker, JD McFly and Brados of TrueNHonest and Adam of ReplayAbility (BONUS POINTS if Tron and Patrick try, as well!).

Really though, anyone is welcome to participate in these challenges; just let us know so we can peep your progress! Thanks for watching, and Lumpz the Clown OUT!


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