Heya, folks!  Lumpz the Clown here, and I feel that it’s about time that I wrote this. Recently, my friend JD McFly of theTRUENHONEST handed out a most unique challenge to the entire gaming community: get as far as you can in TMNT for the NES using ONLY RAPHAEL!  For anyone who has had prior experience with TMNT, they knew what they were in for!

That sounds about right…
But wait…JD upped the ante by laying down some ground rules, and they go as follows:
1) No subweapons allowed.
2) No switching out characters.
3) Pizza, the Turtle Van and Ninja Ropes are allowed.
4) Emulators are permitted, but save states are not.
For more information, his original video can be viewed here.
My Own History of TMNT
Shortly after my brother and I got our very first NES Action Set, our mother decided to get us the game because she knew it was one of our favorite cartoons.  Little did she know the treacherous path that she had set forth for me…
I mean…who can say “no” to THAT?!
Of course, the first time I played it, I got my ass handed to me, even when I quickly decided that using Raphael strictly as a tank was my best option and that Donatello was my “go-to” guy.  The FURTHEST I have ever gotten to this day is the hallway right outside Shredder’s den, a feat that I have not been able to replicate since.
The Aftermath of the Red Swayze Challenge
After the challenge was issued, a total of thirteen brave YouTubers have stepped up to accept the challenge!  The full playlist of these brave warriors can be viewed here, and includes videos from:
and, of course, Yours Truly!
Any submissions to the Red Swayze Challenge that are hosted on YouTube that either myself or JD McFly find are added to the above-stated playlist for the WHOLE WORLD TO SEE!  There is no deadline for this challenge, and is geared towards anyone who wants to give it a try!
I LOVE how this challenge inspired other Let’s Players to get involved, and I’ve met some pretty awesome folks I would have not met otherwise.  Let’s continue to get together for challenges like this from time to time, and show ’em what’s up!  Lumpz the Clown OUT!
Lumpz the Clown





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